Industrial Spark Plugs

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In the case of the many vehicles with start/stop systems, a special control unit diagnostic tester, e.g. a KTS tester from Bosch, is used for battery replacement.

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    Long life performance for your landfill, biogas or natural gas applications

    With over one hundred years of experience in spark plug development, Bosch is uniquely placed to supply a range of spark plugs that meet the extreme demands of industrial applications.

    Bosch combines its engineering experience with robust construction methods and the highest quality components to produce the range of Industrial spark plugs.

    The Bosch advantages at a glance:

    • Double-iridium plugs feature iridium ground and centre electrodes for longer life, even in biogas/landfill applications.
    • Double-platinum plugs feature a platinum-iridium centre electrode and platinum iridium pin for longer life compared to standard platinum plugs
    • All industrial plugs feature continuous laser welding on centre and ground electrodes to ensure the integrity of the precious metals
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