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Diesel filters
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    Maximum Protection for the Diesel fuel Injection System

    Diesel pipe filters

    Today Bosch is at the forefront of diesel technology as the inventor and innovator of Diesel fuel systems (inc Common Rail) for many major OE vehicle manufactures.

    Task of the Diesel filter:

    Protection of the injection system and expensive engine components against foreign particles, water and other residues found in the fuel.

    All Diesel fuel filters should be changed as per the vehicle manufacturer's recommendations. This will ensure long term efficiency and stable operation of your engine

    Consequences of contaminated filters:

    • Loss of engine power and performance
    • Damage to Injection system and the components (Injectors / Injection Pump)
    • Increased wear / corrosion and shorten service life of system components

    Also ideal for biodiesel:

    Bosch Diesel filters help protect against:

    • Aggressive behavior against elastomers and sealing materials
    • Insufficient water separation
    • Faster silting up of the diesel filter
    • Growth of microorganisms

    Thanks to resistant materials for the seal and housing, ideal filter media, and improved separation of water, Bosch Diesel filters are the optimal solution if using biodiesel.

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