Bosch Gold DOT

Bosch Gold DOT

Bosch Gold DOT

Bosch brake fluids contain high quality additives for corrosion protection and lubrication to ensure a long service life and the reliable operation of all brake assemblies.

The ultimate in reliability and quality: Bosch brake fluids. These have a wide thermal application range, satisfy the technical requirements for different types of vehicles and surpass the specifications demanded by current international standards.

  • Product information

    Brake fluids are designed to be hygroscopic, which means that any moisture in the braking system is absorbed and spread evenly throughout the system to prevent localized corrosion or boil.

    Bosch Gold Dot brake fluid is made to the technical specifications for Super DOT 4 standard.


    Do’s and Don’ts of Brake Fluid Storage and Handling


    • Change the fluid regularly in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.
    • Keep the area around the master cylinder clean when changing the fluid.
    • Clean the master cylinder cap and surrounding area before removing it to help minimize the risk of abrasive dirt or foreign material entering the reservoir.
    • Store the brake fluid in its original container, and keep it in a clean and dry area.
    • Close the lid immediately after use.
    • Quickly wash off any spillage with water to avoid vehicle paint damage.
    • Dispose of any opened containers after 12 months.


    • Mix different grades of fluid.
    • Expose brake fluid to other fluids or oils.
    • Wipe off any spillage with a rag.


    Recommended Uses:

    • Newer cars with higher heat loads around braking system
    • All Holden cars built in Australia (meets Holden spec HN1796)
    • All Ford cars built in Australia (meets Ford spec ESZ-M6C55-A)

    Fluid Replacement Period:

    • Every 24 months

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