Bosch S6

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    The Bosch S6 AGM Battery: for start-stop technology

    S6 Batteries carry AGM technology (Absorbent Glass Mat), one of the top battery technologies in the market today. Thanks to its dynamic recharging capability-with up to 4 times the number of discharge/charge cycles compared to conventional starter batteries-the Bosch S6 with AGM technology meets the toughest requirements for today’s driving conditions.

    Vehicles with start-stop systems need a battery which have a high deep cycle resistance and optimal charge acceptance. Failure to install the correct battery can result in vehicle system breakdown.

    An AGM battery should never be replaced with a conventional battery.


    Advantages of Bosch S6 Battery with AGM technology:

    • Constant power even for short distances
    • Power for stop-and-go traffic or high consumption with the car at a standstill
    • Up to 4 times higher deep-cycle resistance in comparison to conventional starter batteries
    • Acid is completely bound in microglass fiber mats
    • Excellent charge acceptance
    • Excellent cold starting power
    • Maintenance free (e.g. fully sealed and secured against leaks)
    • Original-equipment quality
    • Catalogue covering over 150 vehicle applications with AGM technology
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